The need

Embedding Impact has embarked on a partnership with The Experience Factory, to deliver a first of its kind unique programme to provide for a rapidly growing need in South Africa and abroad for young professionals with the essential skills and competence for understanding, measuring and managing social impact and value creation processes.

In the last few years there has been a considerable and evident increase in organisations seeking concise but comprehensive means to understanding the social impact of their activities and investments. This ranges from corporates in different industries, locally and globally, concerned with understanding the impact of their business activities and social investments on society, to philanthropic individuals and organisations, as well as NGOs.

The Solution

Social Impact Management Graduate Programme

With the increased interest and activities in impact investment and reporting, further spurred on by the Sustainable Development Goals, comes the need for more skilled professionals that understand social impact management, including measurement processes and methodologies.

The Social Impact Management Graduate Programme has been designed and established to address this need, with a particular focus on emerging young professionals and graduates.


Qualifying unemployed graduates (with a pre-determined  relevant educational background) will be taken through a 12 months training programme, which is largely based on the standard Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology training. The programme focuses on two key elements which are :

  • deepening the understanding of core concepts, as well as
  • including contextual and practical aspects like data analytics, and alignment of social impact to the social context (of South Africa or particular geography)

The SIM Graduate Programme is structured as follows:

  • 4-week Corporate Literacy & SIM Programme
  • 11 months internship / placement with organisations

Programme structure

The Corporate Literacy Programme (on-boarding) will focus on strengthening soft skills relevant for the workplace and provide in-depth training on all aspects of social impact measurement and management.

The 11-month placement/internship will be facilitated with an organisation  where each participant will be responsible for at least one social impact measurement project. They will also be need to be engaged in the following activities: 

    • 1 day per week the participants will attend a training and development session with us, which will include a social impact management component (theoretical learnings and review of practical work completed) and  personal development and mentorship component;
    • Each participant will be expected to deliver a social impact measurement report that meets Social Value International minimum standards;
    • Participants will present their key findings to the management of their organisation and a panel of experts from Embedding Impact and partners;


We have worked with Embedding Impact as our intern recruitment, training and development partner over the last 7 months for the Social and Impact Management (SIM) graduate programme. During that time, we have found that Embedding Impact team takes time to listen to our requirements fully, research the subject and deliver the programme involving us every step of the way. Also, their enthusiasm, confidence and professionalism are appreciable.

Desigan Chetty, COO

An Embedding Impact programme, in partnership with The Experience Factory.

Embedding Impact is a social impact management consultancy, driven to enable social value creation at the intersection of business and society. 

We deliver value for organisations through measuring social value created and using these insights to deepen impact using stakeholder centric and data driven methodologies. 

Our clients range from businesses, government agencies, civil society organisations, community trusts, endowment trusts, and foundations to social enterprises.

The Experience Factory (TEF) is a social enterprise providing platforms for self-development for long-term unemployed graduates, with a strong focus on soft skills development. 

TEF’s core approach is to provide a Corporate Literacy Programme, directly followed by an internship. During the internship TEF’s talents are provided with ongoing Personal Development Programme and individual mentorship.

Corporate participation

All corporates and other organisations have an opportunity to participate by signing up for 1 or more graduates. TEF will be responsible for the recruitment of the candidates out of the pool of unemployed graduates before the commencement of the 4-week training programme. 

  • The Graduates will be employed (as an intern) by the organisation upon completion of the Corporate Literacy & SIM Programme.
  • Minimum stipend requirements apply during the internship. 
  • Organisation agrees that the intern will be available for weekly training with Embedding Impact.

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