Programme Outline

This course has been designed to provide participating professionals or graduates (“students” or “participants”) with a foundational understanding of and practical competence in social impact management, with a focus on impact measurement to support decision making. The participants are also provided with a platform to develop business acumen and soft skills necessary to understand and navigate the world of work effectively and confidently.

The programme starts with students participating in a 4-weeks Corporate Literacy & Social Impact Management On-Boarding Programme, which focuses on group work and individual development. After completing the 4-weeks On-Boarding programme, each graduate will be placed in a Social Impact Management Internship (with an organisation) for 11 months, during which they will reconvene for further training and development (theoretical learnings and review of practical work completed) 1 day per week.

This 12-months training programme will be deemed complete once a student has developed and concluded a social impact report for the organisation he/she works for, and has presented the findings to the organisation and a panel of experts.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the 12 month long Corporate Literacy and SIM programme, the participating graduates should be able to:

  1. understand socio-economic challenges and the landscape of efforts to address these, both in South Africa and in a global context.
  2. adequately articulate the different aspects of a Theory of Change and develop relevant content on each of them.
  3. develop critical thinking and reasoning on problem identification and solution design.
  4. understand and apply monitoring and evaluation techniques.
  5. understand and apply social impact measurement techniques for problem solving and decision making.
  6. analyse big data sheets and translate data into information and insights.
  7. provide strategic insights for management decision-making purposes based on the results of social impact measurement
  8. impact reporting
  9. presentation on the findings and insights gathered

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